It is a great pleasure to receive kind words from my coaching clients. These words always remind me why I find this work so satisfying.

Here are a few lovely words that were given to me.

It’s hard to explain what coaching does. It made me take a step back and assess what I do and why I do it. It helped me to solidify my personal and professional goals. It made me realise that my greatest contribution to my firm and to its people is that I take care of myself so that I can create a workplace that is a great place to work. I am much less stressed than I was before. I am finding more balance in my life. I am working on some of my wonky misconceptions around how commitment doesn’t mean 15 hour days. We all get stuck in loops in our heads and caught up in beliefs that have been imposed on us throughout our development. As I said it’s hard to describe the process of coaching and its output: all I can say it works and I wonder how I ever managed without Lynne before. It’s also great to have someone to challenge me.
Coaching is the best investment you can make in yourself if you want to live a happy and fulfilled life both professionally and personally. Lynne’s distinct advantage over other coaches lies in her extensive training but also her deep experience in and understanding of the peculiarities and demands of working in law. She is quite literally my perfect match!

Karen Jackson, Managing Parter, Did Law


Who are you and what do you stand for? Very simple questions, but finding the true answers to them took me on a journey with Lynne to dig deep into how and why I make decisions, my true core values and what behaviours would serve me better? Although initially a touch sceptical, I cannot now emphasise enough the benefits of this type of coaching. If you ever consider that you may benefit from this then you definitely will, it is one of the best things I have ever done for my personal and professional development. Thank you Lynne!

Partner London Law Firm



Lynne has really helped me develop as a senior manager in a London children’s charity. Through sessions with Lynne my confidence as a people manager and leader has developed significantly. We were able to talk through any issue, big or small, so I always left sessions with a plan of action. By discussing career progression with Lynne, I am now half way through a Masters degree that will enhance my career. Lynne helped give me the confidence to go for it as well as helping me put practical strategies in place to achieve everything I want to. Having coaching sessions with Lynne is a fantastic space for reflection, something that we rarely find in our busy lives.

Caroline Hopkins, Senior Programme Manager, Chance UK


I was introduced to Lynne when I was asked to lead the private client practice at Taylor Vinters.  This was my first leadership role and my discussions with Lynne helped me both to formulate plans for the team’s strategy and to communicate and implement that strategy across the team.  The result is that the team has just concluded its most successful year to date.

Rupert Melville-Ross, Partner, Taylor Vinters


Just to say thank you very much indeed for these training sessions.  I love all this stuff but still need to be re-enthused from time to time, which your training did admirably.  I came away feeling that I’d had a thorough run through all the latest psychology, with all the crucial key points highlighted, without having to actually read the books.  I liked the time for reflection in between sessions so as to get the most out of the next.  I was totally engaged and absorbed throughout each session and felt that you were completely in control of where you were, where you had been and where you were going, as well as how you were going to get there, making it easy for me to concentrate on the message.

Jo Chapman, Partner, Bolt Burdon Kemp


I was interested in coaching because I thought it would help increase my confidence and to develop the behaviours required to be an Equity Partner in the firm. The biggest struggle for me was being completely honest about my fears and lack of confidence in some aspects of my role as a partner. At times, I felt “exposed” which made me feel vulnerable, but talking about this helped to diminish those fears. I was interested in working with Lynne because I believed that she was genuinely interested, and had the skills, to help me to become the best partner I could be. I expected it to be more difficult than it was to be open with Lynne; it just took a little time to feel comfortable but I was surprised at how quickly I felt the positive benefits of coaching. I have gained practical tips on how to manage difficult situations at work and coaching has provided me with the skills to see a different perspective on things. I am now more able to challenge negative thinking and recognise that it is possible to change unhelpful behaviours that could prevent me from achieving my goals at work. I feel more confident, motivated and empowered as a result

Partner – London Law Firm