Team work

Strong teams are essential if your firm is to succeed. I work with teams in several different ways.

Working with groups and teams

Coaching is a personal journey. However for a firm to perform at its best it is critical that teams work well together too. I have huge experience in designing and delivering team building/group training days.

Facilitation of away days

When the top team take a day out to discuss important issues it is essential that all members can fully participate. I am able to facilitate these meetings for you. I can help you construct the agenda to get the best out of everyone on the day. I can facilitate the discussions to make sure that all get involved and every voice is heard.

Team building

I have a lot of experience of working to build strong teams. Strong teams have high levels of trust. Everyone contributes fearlessly to the discussions and when all have been heard everyone commits to implementation of discussions. If you have a team that is not working as it should consider a team building day. When team members learn what makes each other tick it is so much easier to understand behaviours that seem unhelpful at first glance.


Bespoke training/group coaching

I am very happy to construct bespoke training for small groups of people.

I have recently delivered a 10 day programme ‘Lawyer to Leader’ delivered over a 2 year period. The delegates were six potential equity partners.

There were three objectives to the course:

  • To learn management and leadership skills necessary for equity partners making decisions at a strategic level – think mini MBA
  • To learn to work together in top level teams
  • To learn about self – and begin to grow top level leadership qualities.

My fees

I work on a daily rate of £3,000 plus VAT and expenses. I am always happy to quote a fixed fee.