Searching for the Soft Snow

March 7 2016

Skiing down a very icy piste last week I was looking for soft snow at the side to turn on.  Turning on ice is a hazardous business – it’s hard to get a grip and the result is often not very dignified.  I thought this is a good metaphor for life when the going gets tricky.

Life can be tough at times but we don’t need to make anything harder than it needs to be.  Sometimes it makes sense just to take the easy option.

I had a long journey home from skiing in Italy on Saturday and then a very early start Sunday morning to get to Beverley to have Mother’s Day lunch with my Mum before returning back to London for work this morning.  My original plan was to get the 6am train – which would get me back in London in good time for work.  That train is busy.  Mum doesn’t get up normally till 8am.  She now finds life confusing some times.

Then I decided to look for the soft snow…  to take the easy option and have breakfast with Mum before getting a more relaxed train at 10am.  I am so glad I did.  The train is not full, Mum appreciated a morning chat and I will arrive at work a happier person.

I am resolved to look for the easier way more often.