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Privacy policy

Following the introduction of GDPR on 25 May 2018 we have revised our Privacy Policy.
Igloo Law Ltd collects and uses personal data and information about you. Your privacy is important to us and as a provider of legal services, we handle personal data in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and we operate as a ‘data controller’ as defined by the regulations.

We treat all information we collect as confidential. We collect your personal information in a way that is lawful, fair and not unreasonably intrusive to your privacy.  When you browse our website as a visitor, we don’t collect any personal information.

Why do we collect your information?

Generally, we will collect information from you for such things as:

  • providing our services
  • billing and verifying your account
  • identifying your needs
  • informing you of events
  • sending you our weekly Lynne Burdon’s blog
  • improving, maintaining and managing our business operations
  • meeting legal requirements.

We will not use or disclose your information for any other purpose without your consent unless the law requires us to. We do not disclose information to overseas recipients unless the law requires us to do so or it is necessary for the conduct of your matter.

What information do we collect?

We collect personal data as defined by the GDPR, including but not limited to:

  • Bank details
  • National Insurance number and date of birth
  • We collect your information only to carry out our business and deliver our services to you and as may be required to comply with legal requirements.

How do we collect personal information?

We collect information for service delivery, in ways including but not limited to:

  • Name, address and contact details
  • documents provided to us
  • emails
  • website’s online enquiries
  • telephone or text (we may store your phone number)
  • when you give us a business card.
  • notes from telephone calls and meetings

We collect information from a third party or a publicly available source only if you have agreed to it or it is reasonable for us to do so.

We try to ensure that your information is accurate and up to date. Please tell us if you believe otherwise.

How do we keep your information secure?

We use generally accepted technology and security to hold and protect your information from unauthorised access, use, modification and disclosure by security mechanisms. This includes physical, network and computer security. We restrict access to our IT systems to people who legitimately need to use it as part of their responsibilities.

How can you access your information?

Please contact us in writing to access your information, with proof of your identity. We’ll reply to your request within one calendar month. Any request will be considered fully and if we are unable to comply, a full explanation will be provided.

Also contact us in writing if you wish us to update or delete your information. We will take the necessary reasonable steps to delete the relevant live data we hold.

How do we use your personal information?

We use your information only for the reasons we tell you when we collect it or as this policy outlines.

Exceptions are where:

  • you consent to it being used for another purpose
  • your health, safety or welfare or that of the general public is affected
  • the law authorises or requires the intended use
  • it is reasonably necessary to enforce a criminal law, or a law enforcing a financial penalty, or to protect public revenue
  • it directly relates to the original reason for it being collected
  • you can assume that we will need to share it with relevant individuals or agencies in accordance with our Terms of Business.

How do we store your information?

We store your information:

  • on a secure computer storage facility
  • in printed records.

When you visit our website, we may use cookies to record information about your visit like:

  • the type of browser and operating system you use
  • your server’s IP address
  • the previous site you visited
  • the pages you access on our site
  • the information you download.

We or our web service provider may compile and analyse statistical data we collect to improve our services, but we can’t personally identify you as the source of that data.

Retention of your information?

We will keep your personal data after we have finished advising or acting for you. We will do so for one of these reasons:

  • to respond to any questions, complaints or claims made by you or on your behalf;
  • to keep records required by law, our professional regulator or for insurance purposes.

What about third party providers?

If we have a contract with a third party provider to receive or supply goods, we will take reasonable steps to make sure it complies with our Privacy policy and relevant laws.

For further information see the Guidance from the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) on individuals’ rights under the General Data Protection Regulation

Please contact us if you:

  • have any questions about this policy or how we use your personal information
  • would like to report a breach of this policy.


To comply with EU legislation, websites must gain consent for the use of cookies. Put simply, the law requires us to gain consent before we start dropping cookies on your computer.

By using this website you consent to the use of cookies.

Why we use cookies

Big providers of web services such as Facebook and Google liberally use cookies to make their services work, track user behaviour, sell us things and personalise our browsing experience. They are necessary and they are helpful.

To enhance our users’ browsing experience, we like to know how people, like you, use our website. We use Google Analytics, which is estimated to run on 90 per cent of websites. As an entirely cookie-based analytics solution, it is not compliant with the legislation without the provision of explicit consent by website users. And this is why we ask.

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Terms of Use

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