Out of Sorts

September 23 2015

All week this week I have been feeling ‘out of sorts’.   You know that butterflies in the tummy, overactive mind that stops you sleeping, feeling anxious…. just ‘out of sorts’.

Today I sat down to have a little coaching session with myself!

It didn’t take long to realise what my problem is – I am just not clear about what my intention is for the week.

Let me put you in the picture – I am in Portugal on my annual running camp.  Unfortunately I am injured so I can’t run nearly as much as I would like to – so some little gremlin in my head said if I can’t run I can work….  So here I am trying to enjoy my exercise, catch up with all my old friends and do some work all at the same time – I really should know better!

Today I got myself back to basics – every goal we have is a search for a feeling – this week I was trying to get 3 feelings all at the same time

  • The satisfaction of ticking some boxes on my work ‘to do’ list
  • The fun of catching up with old friends that I haven’t seen for a year
  • The ‘looking after Lynne’ feeling when my body feels fit and healthy

This was doomed from the start – when I set my goals I always divide my life into 3 sections

  • ‘me’ the selfish stuff I want to do just for myself – it includes mind, body, material environment and adventure
  • ‘others I love’ including relationship, wider family, friends and community
  • ‘work’ my job as managing partner, coach, trainer…

It is simply not possible to focus on all 3 areas at the same time!!   All I have achieved is creating stress for myself which is showing up as ‘out of sorts’.

In brain language – there is threat from all directions – the week is going too fast, the work and the injury rehab is going too slow and the whole week has unclear intent – the three factors that push the brain into threat and move thinking from the human brain to the old limbic brain which seeks old solutions to the problems – in my case carbohydrates!  A weight gain creates more stress and onto the vicious circle loop I go…

So what to do now

  • Stop and breath
  • Go for a walk (forces the brain to think about moving the body and away from the threat)
  • Make a plan which has only one focus at any one time – make it easy to start with to get back on track…..

That is what I am going to do right now for the next 2 hours!

Beach walk coming up right now.