Need help with setting up a good habit?

June 4 2015

One of the ways you can help set up a good habit is by a using a trigger.  A bit like tying a knot in you handkerchief – something that means see this and do that!   Yesterday as I was dashing out of the house I remembered I needed to phone my mum that evening – I grabbed the first thing in sight – a bunch of asparagus – and put it on the stairs.  Sure enough when I got home I wondered what the asparagus was doing on the stairs – but it then reminded me to phone mum!

If it is something you need to do daily the trigger will be useful to establish the habit – and after a time you will find you don’t need the trigger anymore.

A daily chore for many lawyers is doing time recording.  The best habit is to do it as you go – but if you don’t, what about putting a post it at the top of your screen to remind you not to switch off until you have completed your time recording?  Try it for 3 weeks.