My Mission

My mission is to transform the thinking of law firm leaders so that they can do their best work.

What I do

I work with law firm leaders so that they have more influence and greater impact on their firm’s success without the overwhelm, frustration, stress and burnout so common in the legal profession.

It is now my mission to work with my clients to transform their thinking so that they are happy at work and in life and have that certainty and confidence that comes deep from their core and shines out to those who choose to follow them.



Your role as a leader

As a law firm leader your job is to create clarity about your firm’s purpose, values and vision, get the right people on board and then create the conditions for them to thrive. To do this to the best of your ability you need to develop your traditional leadership and management skills and work on your own personal growth so that you can be calm, passionate, inspirational and determined. You need to feel confident about who you are and what you stand for.

About you

I have worked closely with many law firm leaders, people who by most measures are very successful. They are high performers with vision and a compelling drive to help their firms succeed. They always seem willing to take on even more work to achieve desired results.

Yet I discover that that behind that successful, confident exterior there is a person who feels overworked, overwhelmed and exhausted. I see a person who yearns for a break, a person who craves just a moment to completely switch off and not think about work.

Perhaps surprisingly, I often also find that behind that confident front is a person who is worried sick, sometimes literally, about whether they are up to the job, whether they are making mistakes, and when they will be found out to be lacking.