Knowing your top 10 goals

April 30 2015

I am a great believer in having clear goals that you are working on.  My own view is that 10 is about the right number – any more than that and I can’t remember them!

I divide my goals into 3 different areas of my life:

  • Goals for me – my health, my holidays, my finances
  • Goals relating to others I love – family and friends
  • Goals at work – the headlines of what I want to achieve in the year.

These are outcome goals – the SMART goals that at a clear date in the future I can say with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer whether I achieved them or not.

Once these are fixed then the main work is done with some process goals – the things I am going to do every day, week or month to take me on the path to achieving the goals.

It is the regular habits that move you towards the great result.