September 26 2018

I have been observing my brain in the week leading up to my book being published tomorrow. Why does it treat me so harshly – making me anxious and stopping me from sleeping?

I am crystal clear on why I wrote this book – I have something to say. Over the last 30 years or so I have learnt a lot of lessons and I want to share these. I am proud of the book. I invested hundreds of hours of early morning time writing it and I really hope people will read it.

So why am I so scared?

All week I have been asking myself:

  • Will anyone read it?
  • Will I get laughed at?
  • Will I get bad reviews?
  • Will anyone come to the launch party?

Oh why do I care about this so much?

Well the answer is of course this is a classic brain conflict!

My ‘Human Brain’ – the prefrontal cortex – the logical, rational, thinking part – has a well made plan. It decided in calm logical moment about three years ago – ‘you want your message to be heard so write a book and get as many people as possible to read it’.

My ‘Animal Brain’, the much older limbic system which doesn’t understand rational thinking has other ideas – it’s only job is to keep me safe and loved. It screams ‘don’t expose yourself in this way’, ‘stay safe – stay quiet’ ‘people will judge you’.

In my book I have been honest and open – telling the story of some of my best and worst moments as a leader – and exposing some vulnerable parts of myself to the world. I have presented myself for judgement.

It is taking all my courage to override my limbic system and get on with promoting the book.

This time my Human Brain wins!

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