July 23 2015

They say managing lawyers is like herding cats – the implication being that lawyers are difficult to manage and ignore all management instructions.

I beg to disagree.

In my experience lawyers are dedicated, hard working professionals who are passionate about doing a great job for their clients.  It is the job of the managers to support the lawyers in delivering an amazing service to their clients.

The job of the managers is to provide an environment in which lawyers can flourish.

If managing lawyers is like herding cats then I think this can only be because the values of the lawyer and the values of the organisation our not aligned.

The most successful organisations have very strong cultures – and like marmite the organisational culture will not suit everyone.   My advice to lawyers find the right law firm for you – one where you can thrive and fly.  My advice to law firms – get very clear about your values and your culture and then work really hard to attract the people who will thrive in that culture.