January 2 2018

My year started rather differently this year.  I have just got a new puppy ‘Alfie’ and he was terrified by the fireworks at midnight so I spent the first few hours of 2018 sleeping with him on the sofa!  I have fallen head over heels in love with this mutt.  Anyway, thanks to Alfie, New Year’s Day dawned hangover free and I spent the day setting my goals for 2018.

Speaking of hangovers, I would like to eliminate them from my life!  These days any more than two small glasses of wine is enough to make me feel not so great the next morning.  But I do love wine and there is the dilemma!  So here is the question – do I want to be free to drink as much wine as I want – or do I want to be free of hangovers?  I know the choice is mine, but I also know a choice has to be made.  I can have either but I can’t have both.

Life is like that.  It is all about choices and those little choices you make all day every day add up to your life.  Think about where you are in your life right now and be absolutely honest with yourself that you chose to be exactly where you are.  You chose exactly what you have now by all those decisions you made in every day of your life so far.

That is why I love making New Year Resolutions – or as I prefer to call it “setting my goals” for the year.  I have some great goals for the year ahead.  As always health is my top priority – I never forget that I can’t do anything unless I feel fit and healthy.  Most of my other goals are work related this year – I am really enjoying my coaching and training and I have some great ideas to make that even better in the year ahead.

Today I am starting as I mean to go on – my personal trainer is arriving shortly and this afternoon it is Alfie’s turn – he is signed up for a ‘First Class Puppy’ course!

Enjoy making your choices for 2018.

Happy New Year!