As your business consultant I will advise on how to make your business more successful – however you define that – and help you develop plans and strategies.

What is the difference between coaching and consulting?

Consultancy is more about best practice in running a business.  Coaching is more about being a great personal leader.

When I am coaching you are working on yourself to change your current behaviour so that you become a better leader.

I will encourage you to explore your current behaviours and the results you are therefore getting.  I will guide you through processes to help you.  I may challenge your thinking.  But I will not tell you what to do.  You will decide what changes to make.

When I am consulting we are working together on your business.  Developing and implementing plans to make your business more successful however you choose to measure that. 

I will offer guidance and advice and also teach you well proven techniques.  Much more a healthy debate between equals as to what needs to happen to reach your business goals.  

Can we do a mixture of both?

Absolutely.  I usually find that developing the plans is ‘consultancy’ but supporting you in the implementation is ‘coaching’. 

The mix is up to you.  You let me know what is helping most and we do more of that!

What is my investment?

My daily rate is £3,000 plus VAT. 

I can be very flexible on how we work.   It must work for you.  Maybe a half day a month, or an intensive week together. 

As with coaching your investment is not just the money.  Consultancy will not work unless you make the time commitment and there will be homework. 

How will it work in practice?

We can agree a way of working at the start that suits you. If it doesn’t work, we can change it.

For example we can work fact to face in London or Norfolk. We can also work remotely via zoom.

We can use email, phone – really whatever works for you to get the results you want.

Your next step

Email me and we will fix a time to chat on zoom or on the telephone. 

We need to make sure we both feel we are a good fit for each other.