About me

I’m a solicitor, a law firm founding partner and for over 30 years I was a managing partner eventually leading around 200 people – so I know a thing or two about how law firms work!


My Approach

I have always been fascinated by what makes people tick. For years I have read widely on positive psychology and neuroscience. I am a master practitioner of NLP. I am a Meyler Campbell qualified executive coach.

In coaching I use a variety of techniques. I believe in doing whatever it takes to get the desired results for my clients.


Why coaching?

I decided to qualify as a business coach because I am completely convinced that coaching can transform the lives of leaders. I know this because my own life has been transformed. I have had a coach of my own since 2003.

Yes it is expensive, but it has made more difference to the quality of my work and the enjoyment of my life than anything else I have ever done. I want to give other leaders the same experience.