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One-To-One Coaching

The people I work with through my 1:1 coaching are often already very successful by most standards.

Mainly law firm partners, they are likely to be financially comfortable yet feel there is more to life than they’ve been experiencing lately.

They tend to describe themselves as ‘money rich and time poor’  due to their long working hours and often to feel like their energies are given to work tasks, team members and clients yet who struggle to find enough time (or energy!) to give that same kind of attention to their most important relationships like family and friendships, not to mention their own health and well-being.

Despite finding their work meaningful, a great many of my clients confess to feeling overwhelmed, burned out, frustrated and weighed down by all the responsibilities they seem to have taken on yet feel caught in a trap where what they really crave is a little more peace, quiet, relaxation and down-time for themselves yet also feel that the only way to get what they really want is to work even harder than they already are.

It’s this paradox that makes them feel most confused, frustrated, stuck and struggling; They want more and less.

More money, more success, more peace, more fun and more time for self yet at the same time they want less stress, less overwhelm, less anxiety and less rushing about and being pulled in all direction… and they’re frustrated because they don’t know how to get it and, in truth, doubt that it’s even possible.

What I Help My Clients To Do

In a nutshell, I help my clients to create their BEST version of their lives that they possibly can, helping them to join the dots and achieve the balance between the success they require in order to remain current, relevant and respected in their personal lives and the success they desire to have in the personal and private lives including their health, relationships and sense of overall wellbeing.

In short, I help my clients to create personal, purposeful and powerful plans and strategies that that take them from success in one area of their life to living their BEST life in all areas so that their version of success includes happiness, peace of mind and freedom.

What Coaching With Me Is Like

Many people are bit concerned about what’s involved in working with coach due to misconceptions about what coaching really is.

Some worry that it’ll be like some kind of counselling or therapy where they’ll be asked to rake over the past and dig up all manner of painful or irrelevant stuff while others are concerned that coaching is just some kind of glorified way of remaining accountable; a kind of ‘time management’ system to make sure things get done.

Others still, confuse it with mentoring where the coach is considered to be the teacher and they some kind of student.

Coaching with me is nothing like that.

Above all, I believe that coaching is about helping clients to gain the clarity about what they want and what’s important in their lives, what’s keeping them from experiencing it and the creation of strategies to make it not only possible but highly probable.

I want my clients to enjoy, value and look forward to coaching with me so I tend to employ a light touch, a little levity and laughter and a prefer to create genuine sense of exploration and curiosity around the work we do together.

Of course, sometimes the exploration will lead to strong emotions (both light and dark) and I’ve no problem with provoking them when they’re the best tool to get to the truth about what’s keeping my clients stuck, but that’s not the aim and focus of our time together, more of a consequence of what can happen when identifying the real barriers that keep people stuck and struggling… after all, facing the truth can be hard!

(Note: Whilst my coaching is future-facing doesn’t require ‘poking around in dark places’ for it to work, those who’re not ready to talk about or share their personal feelings and emotions about their situations and struggles are unlikely to get any real benefit from working with me)

In short, when I’m coaching my clients I’m not their counsellor or therapist, I’m not their teacher or mentor but rather, I’m the person who’s there to draw out their own answers and their own truths about where they are, where they want to go and what’s keeping them from getting there and then guiding them toward developing the systems, strategies and skills toward making that happen.

There is a metaphor that I love that sums this approach up beautifully.

It suggests that we are all diamonds covered in horse-shit, covered in nail polish.

The idea is that we are all born as beautiful diamonds – the innocent beautiful person that we truly are.

Over the years we pick up habits and beliefs from others – well meaning parents and teachers and peers.  We begin to accumulate anxieties, fears and doubts.  We become unsure of who we really are and we question whether we are good enough.

We begin to believe this – the layer of horse-shit – is really who we are and we don’t like this person  so we pretend to be someone else, a person that we think others want us to be.

We feel we need to hide ourselves – and so we cover the horse-shit in nail polish and present that shiny image to the world.

I help my clients get peel away the nail-polish, throw away the horse-shit and get back to who they really are… the diamond!

Expected Results?

The specific results will, of course differ depending on the specifics of the individual goals, obstacles and life circumstances of each client, however everyone working with me reports…

More clarity.
More direction.
More focus.
More peace of mind.
Greater productivity.
Greater connection.
Greater success in ALL areas.

And more diamonds!

Approach & Fees

Annual coaching is structured around the individual but normally consists of 20 x 2hr face to face meetings plus weekly follow up tasks, activities and reflection work taking in the region of 4 hours a week.

The investment is £20,000 plus VAT.

A coffee with Lynne

Those seeking a single session for clarity, guidance or strategy may do so for £1,000 plus VAT with the fee subtracted from the annual price should they decide to continue into the full, intensive coaching plan

Do You Have Questions?

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