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The importance of rituals….

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Here is one of my favourites – before making a difficult phone call –find a private place – stand tall, arms and shoulders down and stretched, look up to the sky, grin as hard as you can and say yes, yes, yes.  Walk directly to the phone and dial the number – remain standing and alert posture. 

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Need help with setting up a good habit?

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One of the ways you can help set up a good habit is by a using a trigger.  A bit like tying a knot in you handkerchief – something that means see this and do that!   Yesterday as I was dashing out of the house I remembered I needed to phone my mum that evening – I grabbed the first thing in sight – a bunch of asparagus – and put it on the stairs.  Sure enough when I got home I wondered what the asparagus was doing on the stairs – but it then reminded me to phone mum!

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