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Hi, I’m Lynne Burdon.

I help those who lead law firms to have a bigger influence and create a greater impact on their organisation’s success without the overwhelm, frustration, stress and burnout so common to the legal profession.

I help them to identify, assess and address those behaviours that cause them to focus on doing the MOST work possible and instead align themselves with doing their BEST work instead.


Because the last thing your firm needs is an overwhelmed, frustrated, stressed, burned-out leader at the helm because you’ve convinced yourself that you need to do more.

It needs you… at your BEST!

Lynne Burdon | Coaching For Lawyers

I Believe...

That far too many leaders seem to justify creating stress, frustration, overwhelm and burnout in their lives in the name of success.

That stress, frustration, overwhelm and burnout are signs that we’re not using a strategy and approach that allows us to do our very best work.

That the impact of not doing our best work (and getting the best results!) keeps us from experiencing our best lives where we feel successful, happy and free.

That sacrificing who you are as a person in order to be successful as a partner or principle in your firm, company or business is not really success at all.

That we are where we are right now and experiencing whatever we’re experiencing as a direct result of the choices we’ve made about what to focus on and what to prioritise in our lives.

That the results we are experiencing in our lives are the best indicators we have about whether our approach is working for us… or if it ever will!

I Also Believe...

That what most people call ‘success’ is simply another way of describing the living of our best lives.

That living our best life comes as the result of doing our best work, having the best impact and creating the best influence.

That our best work comes as the result of being our best selves.

That being our best selves has nothing to to with working harder, working longer or developing greater willpower and everything to do with putting our effort, energy and enthusiasm toward those things that matter MOST in our lives.

That living our best life can and should be simple, systematic and satisfying… and fun!

That at any moment in time you can change your approach to success by changing your choices about what to place your focus on and what to ignore or make less of a priority in your work and your life.

That changing your choices and changing your approach is the result of exploring possibilities and creating the clarity required to make them into probabilities.

And Above All I Believe That...

…your best work and your best life are available to you right now… and that all it takes to start experiencing them is to tell the truth about what’s not working for you and making the decision to change your approach to ‘being successful’.

What I Do...

By now the answer should be pretty obvious but I believe in being explicit, unambiguous and clear so, with your permission, I’ll spell out again what I said at the top of the page…

I help those who lead law firms to have a greater impact on the success of not only their organisation and their professional careers but in their own personal and private lives too by helping them to gain the clarity, direction, focus and to develop the strategies that allow them to do their BEST work not just once in a while, but ALL the time.

How I do this depends on the person I’m working with, their specific and highly unique set of challenges, skills, goals and vision but is based on a highly potent blend of behavioural neuroscience, executive coaching, NLP and, of course, 30 years of creating, leading and operating several highly successful companies.

At the core of my approach to helping leaders to create greater impact and influence in their organisations is an intense and unrelenting focus on removing the blocks, limitations, restrictions and unskilful practices that keep them working harder and longer than they need to helping them to create simple yet powerful new philosophies, principles and practices that multiply and magnify the impact of their inputs and exponentially increase not just their own outputs but those of their entire organisation.

Of course, many coaches these days focus on ‘peak performance’ for those in leadership roles, but what makes the approach I take with my clients different is that we’re not focused so much on increasing how much work we can do but rather, on decreasing the amount of time, effort and stress is involved in getting the best possible results.

To be perfectly honest, if you’re looking for someone to hold you accountable to working harder/faster/more I’m NOT going to be the best person to work with. I simply don’t believe that overwhelmed, stressed and burned-out leaders need someone to overwhelm, stress and burn them out even more, let alone pay for the privilege. It makes no sense to me.

But if you’re sick and tired (perhaps even literally!) of trying to lead your organisation on sheer force-of-will and hard work and you’re looking for a way to increase the impact and influence of both yourself and your business then we might very well be a good fit for working together.

Facts And Qualifications

For those of you who need to know facts and qualifications here they are:

I was born in Stockton-on-Tees in the North East of England.

After failing the 11+ I went to a co-educational Quaker boarding school and from there to University College London to read Maths.

Not sure what to do with a maths degree I decided to put off real work and I went to the College of Law.  I qualified as a solicitor in 1980 – with Commercial Property soon becoming my area of expertise.

Roger Bolt and I started our law firm Bolt Burdon in 1986.  We always knew two things were important to us – giving outstanding service with practical legal advice to our clients AND creating a great place to work for our staff.

Within a few years I became passionate about creating a great place to work and I gave up my legal practice to be a full time managing partner.  I started training to become the best leader I could be. In 1997 I obtained an MBA in Legal Practice (with distinction).  I then became more interested in what motivates people at work and I began to study NLP, psychology and neuroscience.

In 2014 I qualified as a business coach with Myler Campbell – an organisation that trains proven leaders as business coaches.  I have been coaching since then both within my own organisations and for external clients.

I have always been active in my local community and received The Mayor of Islington’s Civic Award in 2005.

For fun I love skiing, sailing and walking on the beach with my toes in the sand.

Want To Know More?

If you have any questions, do feel free to contact me directly.