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Be yourself!

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I love it when I’m asked to speak – I will turn my hand to almost any management or leadership topic.

Recently I’ve been asked to give two talks, the first on ‘Resilience and how to build it’ and the second on ‘Personal Brand’.  Two very different subjects – or so I first thought!

I started with the question “what is Resilience?”

Well I think it is that inner strength that makes us unshakeable or rock solid in what we say and do.  If we do get pushed a little off track it is resilience that allows us to spring back quickly.

But to spring back you need to know where to spring back to.  To be resilient you need to know yourself – who you really are – the authentic you.

If you know who you really are and what you stand for it is easier to stay solid and if you do get put under pressure you can easily get back on track – back to the authentic you.

Personal brand is the image of yourself that you present to the outside world, your visible behaviours and the dressings you put on yourself.

We want others to trust us – and for that our brand needs to be authentic.  If we pretend to be something we are not the human brain senses that very quickly.

I suggest your personal brand is authentic and therefore believable and one others can trust, when it is a true representation of the real you on the inside – the authentic you!

So just like with resilience you need to know yourself first – then you can think about how best to dress that for the world at large.

If you want to learn more – come to the talks!

Resilience is 16th August at 1pm

Personal Brand is 1st September at 1pm

Details on the Training page.

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