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Overwhelm of a new kind!

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OMG I had no idea!   Delhi – the heat and noise and dirt and smell are completely overwhelming.  I can’t believe what I am seeing – a small child less than two years old, naked and alone in the middle of the dual carriageway – but he seems happy.  I guess the rest of the family are the ones in the middle of the road banging on the taxi windows and hoping for some baksheesh.  I hope so.

The noise is totally deafening – car horns non stop – I can’t hear myself think.  The volume of traffic is unbelievable. Everyone just pushing forward – literally hundreds of bikes and scooters and tuktuks and rickshaws and cars and buses and trucks and horse drawn carts….  a motor bike crashes into the side of our taxi and the driver falls in the road – a worrying moment – then he brushes himself off, exchanges words with our driver and we all go on our way.  Meanwhile a cow wanders by.

How can anyone live in this city = although in fact some 20 million people do!  For me it is unbearable.  I realise how much I need my sanctuary time – there is nowhere I can find silence.

I crave some peace!

Eventually I find it.  I visit Raj Ghat – the cremation site of Mahatma Gandhi – a simple square of black marble in the middle of a park.  I take some time to reflect on the life of this great man with his peaceful protest and how he was able to able to lead India to independence from the British Raj.  Now called the ‘father of India’ I feel I want to give thanks for his life – the world needs more people like him.  I feel slightly ashamed that protest was necessary.  A happy half an hour of reflection before heading back out to the chaos!

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