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What are you passionate about?

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Last week I wrote about how we all want to make a difference in the world.

But how do you know what difference you want to make?

I believe that we will only perform at our best if we are working at something we are passionate about.

To discover your passions it often helps to ask yourself ‘What am I angry about?’

Here are some things I am angry about

  • the fact that children are starving in Africa while we have so much
  • that people get taxed differently just because they choose to get married
  • that so many people spend huge parts of their lives working at something they hate
  • that so many people assume their dreams are just that – unachievable dreams

No one person can solve everything!  I donate some money to help the starving children and I exercise my right to vote on taxation – but this isn’t where I want to make my difference.

I have chosen to spend my life so far focused on creating a great place to work –a place where we can all work together to make a difference in the world and enjoy it too!

As I move to the next phase of my life and away from the day to day management of the work environment I want to spend my time helping people explore what their dreams are and how to achieve them …..

I believe everything is abundant in life – except time.  We all only have one life.

Where are you going to spend your one life?

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