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Making a difference….

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I believe this is important to all of us.

I think we all need to believe that we are in some way making the lives of others better.

Working as lawyers is a great way to do this – we spend all our days helping our clients to achieve their dreams, to solve a difficult problem or to gain a better quality of life after a traumatic event.

No wonder most of us love our work.  It makes us feel valued and fulfilled and raises our self esteem.

As a manager we are able to make a difference to those we manage.  We support them in their work – helping them to make more difference to their clients.  It is the job of the manager to help staff feel valued and to remind them of the great work they do.  To make a work a place which is happy and supportive.  A beautiful and rewarding cycle.

Let me recommend to you the ‘mission moment’.  Just every now and then take time to reflect on how you have ‘made a difference’ to the life of another.  Maybe by being a good lawyer or maybe just by giving a kind and encouraging word or making a charitable gift.   It will make you feel great I guarantee it!

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