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Take 10 seconds!

Posted by Lynne Burdon in Habits, Stress | 1 comments

Here is a guaranteed way to make you smile every day.

As you are going about your day make it your business to notice some little miracle of nature.

Notice a flower, a raindrop, a sunrise or any other little miracle of life.   Stop and take 10 seconds to really look at it – smile and give thanks for being alive.  Then continue your day with the smile still in your heart.


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  1. Avatar Debbie Anderson says:

    I noticed my very own miracle of life last week …. I was out for an early morning run with my little dog Bella, the sun was already shining and before long we were both pretty hot. But watching her running through the longer grass and licking up the morning dew was truly a special moment. Really she could not been any happier and, in turn, I stopped to enjoy watching her having fun and getting soaking wet, and all I could do was smile and laugh out loud!

    … in fact I’ve been making a point of spotting a miracle every day ever since reading this great post! It truly makes my heart smile too.

    Thank you Lynne …. it’s a great habit for sure to get into.

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