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Leadership Can Be Hard!

(Because doing things the hard way is... easy!)

It’s easy to get caught in the leadership trap.

It’s easy to get hypnotised by the lure of longer, faster, harder and more.

It’s easy to persuade yourself that ‘leading from the front’ means showing up earlier, staying later and working harder than everyone else on your team.

It’s easy to prioritise your profits, your products, your processes and your people while putting your own purpose, passion and personal needs at the bottom of the list.

It’s easy to create the appearance of being incredibly successful and having it all whilst really feeling like you’re juggling too many balls, spinning too many plates, burning the candle at both ends and like the success that other people see is nothing like the success you imagined for yourself when you first set out on the leadership path.

It’s easy to create a life where stress, anxiety, overwhelm, frustration and burnout become ‘the norm’ and where sacrificing time with those who are important to you is accepted as being ‘part of the job’.

And it’s easy to forget that the role of a leader isn’t to be a role-model for ‘the hardest worker in the company’ but rather, to be the very best example possible of what it looks like to do your BEST work.

It’s easy.

And yet the bizarre paradox is that it’s the things that are so easy to do that make being a great leader so hard!

But you know what's harder?

Making the decision to being more creative so that you’re able to apply new approaches to old problems and develop innovative and powerful solutions.

Making the decision to being more collaborative so that you’re not carrying the weight of your entire team on your shoulders alone.

Making the decision to be more communicative about what you want, what you need and what’s most important to you, your company, your team and your clients.

Making the decision to be more centred not only within yourself by taking care of your own needs first, but also to put yourself more at the centre of your business or team… rather than under it.

Making the decision to shift your focus as a leader from firefighter and problem-solver to one where you bring the energy, enthusiasm and engagement necessary to turn every member of your team into highly efficient and effective leaders in their own right.

Making the decision to resist the urge to be seen, respected, rewarded and admired for your ability to do the MOST work and instead become known for someone who’s committed above all else to doing their BEST work.

And yet (here’s that bizarre paradox at work again) doing this ‘hard work’ is the way to make being a leader, simple, enjoyable and easy!

My Approach...

I help my clients to do the work that is most meaningful, makes the biggest difference and creates the most reward in their lives.

I help them to improve on their existing success whilst also living their lives in balance, finding time for themselves and those they love.

I help them to gain crystal clarity about what their most important work is and how to protect and prioritise it so that they create success without struggle and stress.

I help them to become more energised, more engaged, more enthusiastic, more efficient and more effective in all areas of their lives rather than being solely focused on what happens ‘at the office’.

I help them to show up in the world with confidence, certainty and courage that people find inspiring and enjoyable to be around and that creates an a culture where everyone does their best work too!

I help my clients to do the hard work of breaking out, breaking through and breaking free of the HARD work mindset so that they can can enjoy the full rewards and benefits of doing their BEST work, achieving the BEST results for themselves, their families and their organisations and live their BEST life.

If you’re ready to do your BEST work then read on…

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